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Commercial Registered Agents

Yes. You must be 18 years of age, reside in Wyoming, and have a physical Wyoming address to act as a registered agent.
A registered agent who serves as registered agent for more than 10 businesses.
As soon as you represent more than 10 businesses you should register. You may register at any time prior to that if you believe you will be representing more than 10 businesses.

The fee to register is $25.00.
A Commercial Registered Agent’s registration is valid until 12/31 of each year.
A registered agent that represents more than 10 businesses and does not register with the Secretary of State will not be allowed to file any new entity filings.

In the event a registered agent represents more than 10 businesses and has not registered as a Commercial Registered Agent, the registered agent will be out of compliance with the law and the entities you represent will be without a registered agent.
No. A registered office may be the same as the place of business but, by law, shall be located at a street address in Wyoming which shall be a physical location. This cannot be a post office box or a drop box.
No. You are not required to register until you represent more than 10 businesses. If you believe you will be representing more than 10 businesses, you may register early
Yes. By law a registered agent shall keep at the registered office:

● The names and addresses of the officers, directors, limited liability company managers, managing partners, trustees or persons serving in a similar capacity (WY formed entities only);

● Name, address and phone number of a communications contact (all entities);

● EXCEPTION: If the entity and registered agent agree, then the entity can file the above information with the Secretary of State’s office and it will become a part of the entity’s public file [W.S. §17-28-107(b)];

● If an employee of the registered agent has authority to accept service of process in the registered agent’s absence, a copy of a written contract or agreement giving the employee such authority.
A list of Commercial Registered Agents is available on our website. All business entities should research an agent or agents before contracting with one.