Questions and Answers

Miscellaneous Statutory Filings

Miscellaneous filings are those filings which are statutorily required to be filed in the Secretary of State's Office.

For information on filing requirements for the following miscellaneous statutory filings please contact the Business Division at 307.777.7311 or email your questions to

  • Airport Boards
  • Bylaws for Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-level Waste Management
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Copyright Act
  • County Libraries
  • Dissolution of Incorporated Towns
  • Fairgrounds, Airports, Parks, Pleasure Grounds, and Recreational Systems
  • Foreign Cigarette Company
  • Interstate Law Enforcement Agreement
  • Joint Powers Act
  • Lease Agreements (Public Utilities Act)
  • Memorial Hospitals
  • Multi-level & Pyramid Distributorships
  • Public Irrigation Districts
  • Savings & Loan Associations
  • Soil & Water Conservation Districts
  • Vehicle Prorationing and Reciprocity Act
  • Water & Sewer Districts
  • Water Conservancy Districts
  • Watershed Improvement Districts

Non-Resident Motorists

The use and operation of a motor vehicle on any street or highway within Wyoming by any person upon whom service of process cannot be made within Wyoming is deemed an appointment of the secretary of state of Wyoming as the operator's lawful attorney upon whom may be served all legal processes in any proceeding against him resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle on the streets or highways within this state. See W.S. 1-6-301 for details.

Reserved Name

This is a filing providing the opportunity to protect an entity name for a predefined period of time prior to official registration.