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08/08/2022 Wyoming Secretary of State Joins Fellow State Securities Regulators and the US Securities and Exchange Commission to Settle with Digital Asset Lending Platform BlockFi for Sales of Unregistered Securities

08/05/2022 Secretaries of State ask President Biden to rescind Executive Order inserting federal agencies into State voter registration processes without prior Congressional approval

06/20/2022 Secretary Buchanan Responds to Mike Lindell's Comments Regarding Wyoming Elections

05/17/2022 Secretary Buchanan Announces He Will Not Seek a Second Term as Secretary of State

04/28/2022 Secretary Buchanan Joins Lieutenant Governors in Urging Biden Administration to Restore United States to Energy Independence

01/12/2022 Secretary Buchanan Opposes Efforts to Federalize Elections

09/27/2021 Secretary Buchanan Named as Member of Leadership of Nation's Lieutenant Governors Association

08/09/2021 Celebrating Women's Suffrage with Wyoming's First Historic Marker on the National Votes for Women Trail

07/27/2021 Secretary Buchanan Offers Prayers Upon Learning of the Passing of Senator Mike Enzi

05/28/2021 Secretary Buchanan Offers Condolences on the Passing of Foster Friess

11/05/2020 Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify Election Results

11/02/2020 Secretary of State and County Clerks Invite You to the Polls

10/01/2020 Voting Questions? Wyoming's Election Experts Have Answers

09/18/2020 Absentee Voting Begins, Secretary of State Outlines Quarantine Voting

08/27/2020 Wyoming Certifies Primary Election Results After Record Voter Turnout

08/24/2020 Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify Election Results

08/14/2020 In a Year of Tumult, Wyoming is Prepared for Primary Election

07/01/2020 Secretaries of State Share Joint Statement on Importance of USMCA Launch

05/13/2020 Secretary of State Edward Buchanan Announces Start of 2020 Election Cycle

03/24/2020 Secretary of State Issues Guidance on Temporary Online Notary Services

03/10/2020 Secretary of State's Office Awards Contract for Election Equipment

09/26/2019 Secretary of State's Office Hosts Top DHS Official at County Officials Meeting

09/06/2019 Secretary of State's Office Celebrates Anniversary of Louisa Swain's Historic Vote

08/21/2019 Secretary of State's Office Moving to Office Space in Herschler Building

08/12/2019 Secretary of State Buchanan Named to Lead National Policy Committee

07/18/2019 Wyoming Secretary of State's Office Receives Part of a Multi-State $26 Million Settlement

04/04/2019 Secretary of State Addresses Election Policy Issues in D.C.

02/13/2019 Secretary of State's Office: Campaign Finance Reform Signed into Law

Governor Gordon and Secretary Buchanan Audio File

01/03/2019 Secretary of State Launches New Lobbyist Registration System

11/14/2018 Wyoming State Canvassing Board Certifies General Election Results

11/09/2018 Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify General Election Results

11/02/2018 Secretary of State's Office: Wyoming's Elections Are Secure, Public Should Avoid Misinformation

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10/30/2018 Secretary of State Encourages Voters to be Ready to Register and Vote

10/26/2018 Secretary of State's Office Promotes Youth Voting Before Midterm Election

10/18/2018 Secretary of State's Office Releases Data on Party Affiliation Changes

09/17/2018 State of Wyoming: Election Renders State of Wyoming v. Taylor Haynes Moot

09/10/2018 FBI and Secretary of State's Office to Hold Cyber Security Training

09/05/2018 Secretary of State's Office Certifies General Election Candidates

08/29/2018 Wyoming State Canvassing Board Certifies Primary Election Results

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08/24/2018 Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify Election Results

08/16/2018 Wyoming Prepared for Primary Election

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08/03/2018 Court Delays Judicial Review of Dr. Taylor Haynes' Eligibility

07/21/2018 Secretary of State Asks for Judicial Review of Dr. Taylor Haynes' Eligibility

07/06/2018 Absentee Voting for Primary Election Underway Across Wyoming

05/17/2018 2018 Election Candidate Filing Period Begins

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05/16/2018 Wyoming Women's Suffrage Pathway To Be Dedicated

05/01/2018 Wyoming Secretary of State Announces Great Seal Contest Winners

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04/10/2018 Wyoming Secretary of State Announces First WIN Investment Offering

04/05/2018 Wyoming Secretary of State to Announce First WIN Investment Offering

03/20/2018 Secretary of State's Office Celebrates Passage of Women's Suffrage Pathway Legislation

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