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06/20/2022 Secretary Buchanan Responds to Mike Lindell's Comments Regarding Wyoming Elections

05/17/2022 Secretary Buchanan Announces He Will Not Seek a Second Term as Secretary of State

04/28/2022 Secretary Buchanan Joins Lieutenant Governors in Urging Biden Administration to Restore United States to Energy Independence

01/12/2022 Secretary Buchanan Opposes Efforts to Federalize Elections

09/27/2021 Secretary Buchanan Named as Member of Leadership of Nation's Lieutenant Governors Association

08/09/2021 Celebrating Women's Suffrage with Wyoming's First Historic Marker on the National Votes for Women Trail

07/27/2021 Secretary Buchanan Offers Prayers Upon Learning of the Passing of Senator Mike Enzi

05/28/2021 Secretary Buchanan Offers Condolences on the Passing of Foster Friess

11/05/2020 Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify Election Results

11/02/2020 Secretary of State and County Clerks Invite You to the Polls

10/01/2020 Voting Questions? Wyoming's Election Experts Have Answers

09/18/2020 Absentee Voting Begins, Secretary of State Outlines Quarantine Voting

08/27/2020 Wyoming Certifies Primary Election Results After Record Voter Turnout

08/24/2020 Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify Election Results

08/14/2020 In a Year of Tumult, Wyoming is Prepared for Primary Election

07/01/2020 Secretaries of State Share Joint Statement on Importance of USMCA Launch

05/13/2020 Secretary of State Edward Buchanan Announces Start of 2020 Election Cycle

03/24/2020 Secretary of State Issues Guidance on Temporary Online Notary Services

03/10/2020 Secretary of State's Office Awards Contract for Election Equipment

09/26/2019 Secretary of State's Office Hosts Top DHS Official at County Officials Meeting

09/06/2019 Secretary of State's Office Celebrates Anniversary of Louisa Swain's Historic Vote

08/21/2019 Secretary of State's Office Moving to Office Space in Herschler Building

08/12/2019 Secretary of State Buchanan Named to Lead National Policy Committee

07/18/2019 Wyoming Secretary of State's Office Receives Part of a Multi-State $26 Million Settlement

04/04/2019 Secretary of State Addresses Election Policy Issues in D.C.

02/13/2019 Secretary of State's Office: Campaign Finance Reform Signed into Law

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01/03/2019 Secretary of State Launches New Lobbyist Registration System

11/14/2018 Wyoming State Canvassing Board Certifies General Election Results

11/09/2018 Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify General Election Results

11/02/2018 Secretary of State's Office: Wyoming's Elections Are Secure, Public Should Avoid Misinformation

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10/30/2018 Secretary of State Encourages Voters to be Ready to Register and Vote

10/26/2018 Secretary of State's Office Promotes Youth Voting Before Midterm Election

10/18/2018 Secretary of State's Office Releases Data on Party Affiliation Changes

09/17/2018 State of Wyoming: Election Renders State of Wyoming v. Taylor Haynes Moot

09/10/2018 FBI and Secretary of State's Office to Hold Cyber Security Training

09/05/2018 Secretary of State's Office Certifies General Election Candidates

08/29/2018 Wyoming State Canvassing Board Certifies Primary Election Results

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08/24/2018 Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify Election Results

08/16/2018 Wyoming Prepared for Primary Election

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08/03/2018 Court Delays Judicial Review of Dr. Taylor Haynes' Eligibility

07/21/2018 Secretary of State Asks for Judicial Review of Dr. Taylor Haynes' Eligibility

07/06/2018 Absentee Voting for Primary Election Underway Across Wyoming

05/17/2018 2018 Election Candidate Filing Period Begins

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05/16/2018 Wyoming Women's Suffrage Pathway To Be Dedicated

05/01/2018 Wyoming Secretary of State Announces Great Seal Contest Winners

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04/10/2018 Wyoming Secretary of State Announces First WIN Investment Offering

04/05/2018 Wyoming Secretary of State to Announce First WIN Investment Offering

03/20/2018 Secretary of State's Office Celebrates Passage of Women's Suffrage Pathway Legislation

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