Ethics Disclosure


On July 1, 1998, state statutes pertaining to government ethics went into effect. In accordance with W.S. 9-12-108, each of the state's five elected officials and each member of the Wyoming legislature shall file a financial disclosure form with the Secretary of State. This includes elected officials and legislators who have not sought re-election but have served in an elected position during the previous filing period.

Ethics reports are due no later than January 31st of each year and shall contain information current as of January 15th of each year.

After January 31st, information about and copies of individual ethics reports may be obtained by emailing this office. The costs for obtaining copies of reports are based on the number of pages to be copied.

In order to fill your copy request, you must provide the name of the elected official whose report you are requesting and the year of the report. You will receive a response, via email, indicating the fee which needs to be pre-paid. Once the pre-payment is received, your request will be processed.