Independent Candidate Petitions

Independent Candidate Petitioning Information

Wyoming Statutes 22-5-301 through 22-5-308 are controlling legislation. The petition shall be approved by the appropriate filing office prior to circulation. The statements below are only a summary and you should consult the statutes as cited.

An unsuccessful candidate at a primary election is not eligible for nomination by petition for the same office at the next general election.

A petition for nomination shall be filed with the appropriate filing office. Federal or state offices file with the Secretary of State's office. Local offices file with the county clerk.

A petition for office shall be signed by registered electors, resident in the jurisdiction, and eligible to vote for the petitioner, numbering not less than two percent (2%) of the total number of votes cast in the state for U.S. Representative in the last general election. The number of signatures required for a statewide race is 3,891 for the upcoming 2024 General Election. (W.S. 22-5-304(a))

Active Independent Candidate Petitions

Current independent candidates approved by the Wyoming Secretary of State for circulation in accordance with: W.S. 22-5-301 through 22-5-308


  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Jill Stein
  • Demetra Wysinger

Wyoming State House

  • House District 12 - Joseph Ramirez
  • House District 57 - Tyler Cessor
  • House District 57 - John Marshall Stewart