Additional Information

Lobbyist Registration & Lists

The State of Wyoming defines "lobby" or "lobbyist" as an attempt to influence legislation. Individual lobbyists are required to register each year with the Secretary of State's Office W.S. 28-7-101(c). The lobbyist registration period is from May 1 to April 30.

Lobbyists must register before or within 48 hours of commencing lobbyist activities by submitting the completed registration form and appropriate fee to the Secretary of State's Office. Lobbyists are required to provide the names and addresses of the organizations, associations, corporations, labor unions, or special interest groups whose interests they represent.

The list of registered lobbyists is updated weekly throughout the year and daily during legislative sessions. Lists of lobbyists, both current and past, are posted at this location.

Lobbyist Activity Reports

Lobbyist activity reports are filed with the Secretary of State's Office no later than June 30 of each year for activities during the preceding year May 1 through April 30. Reports are required if reportable expenses are $500 or more. If reportable expenses are less than $500, no report is required. (See W.S. 28-7- 201 and the Secretary of State's Lobbyist Rules for detailed information on reporting requirements.)

Reportable expenses include:

1) Loans, gifts, gratuity, special discounts or hospitality paid or given to or on behalf of any legislator, state elected official or state employee acting in his official capacity which exceeds $50 in value;

2) Special events, including receptions, meals, entertainment, attendance at athletic events and other functions to which members of the legislature have been invited.

Reports may be filed by individual lobbyists, by the organization employing the lobbyist, or jointly by both.

Copies of individual lobbyist activity reports may be requested by emailing the Election Division of the Secretary of State's Office. Requestors must provide the name of the lobbyist or organization and the year of the report.