Notary Public

How Do I Change My Name/Address?

Notify the Secretary of State's Office of any change of name or address.

If you move to a different county during your current notary commission, your notary commission is automatically voided. You may apply for a new commission in your new county of residence.

When a notary changes names, he/she may:

  • Continue to use the name by which he/she is generally known without adding the new surname or name change (no fee).

  • Add the new surname to one's prior name provided that certified copies of the court order, divorce decree, or certificate of marriage showing the name change is filed, along with the proper fees with the County Clerk and the Secretary of State (Secretary of State - $3.00, County Clerk - varies; check with local County Clerk).

  • Apply for a new commission in the new name then (or) upon expiration of the present term (fee: $30.00).