Notary Public

Notary Public Statutes

The Legislative Service Office website no longer allows direct access to specific chapters or statutory citations. We recommend you print the list below then, navigate to the LSO website in order to access specific chapters/statutes.

Officers Authorized to Administer Oaths W.S. 1-2-102

Public Officer and Public Servant Defined W.S. 6-5-101

Soliciting Unlawful Compensation W.S. 6-5-104

Misconduct by Public Officer W.S. 6-5-107

Issuing False Certificate W.S. 6-5-108

Issuance of Certificate Without Proper Acknowledgment W.S. 6-5-114

Usurpation, False Representation as Public Servant W.S. 6-5-307

Felon Cannot Hold Office W.S. 6-10-106

Notaries Public W.S. 32-1-101 through 32-1-114

Acknowledgment of Conveyances W.S. 32-1-113

Where Conveyance to be Recorded W.S. 34-1-118

Protest of Nonpayment W.S. 34.1-3-104

Evidence of Dishonor of Negotiable Instruments W.S. 34.1-3-505

Certificate of Acknowledgment W.S. 34-5-104

Uniform Law on Notarial Acts W.S. 34-26-101 through 34-26-109