Wyoming Women of Note: Memory Lane, Holiday Cheer

Throughout 2019 and 2020 Wyoming has celebrated the exceptional women who blazed the suffrage path for our great nation. In the last several months we have had the privilege of highlighting many extraordinary women on this site. And this month is no different, but there is a twist!

The 2020 holiday season is upon us and with it comes new challenges. We have fewer family events and public gatherings taking place, therefore it is important to keep our memories from past years plentiful. In an effort to spread holiday cheer, some of the staff at the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office have shared their favorite holiday memories of the most influential women in their lives. Our hope is our memories help you reflect on the special impact women have made in your lives over the holiday season.


“I know that we all think our moms are the best, but mine truly is. As a single mom raising 4 daughters, I remember, especially during the holidays, just how hard she worked to make the holidays magical, and not just for us, but for anyone that didn’t have a place to go. I love to watch her this time of year take joy in all the details the holidays bring, especially her ability to coordinate a napkin with it!”

— Kyndra Herrera, Financial Program Manager


“One of the most important women in my life was my mother-in-law. She was an amazing example of how to work hard and how to make everyone around her feel special. On Christmas Eve, the family would gather at her house to open presents and eat! She always made enough food to feed an army. She loved having her family all together but she also was happy to have friends there, too. And no matter who you were, there always seemed to be a gift for you to open.”

— Lori A. Medina, CT Business Applications Analyst


“My mom is the most important woman in my life. I have two older sisters and my mom always did her very best to attend to everything we were involved in. Whether it was sports, school activities, or shopping (which she hated but still did) she was always there. During the holidays she would do everything in her power to keep us happy and make it fun! She would decorate every room in our house and always made sure we had a Christmas tree both upstairs and in the basement. She cooked endless amounts of goodies ranging from chocolate chip cookies, brownies, sugar cookies, and pumpkin bread, to her famous chex mix. Since we have gotten older, the traditions have continued and new ones have emerged. We always get together at her house on Christmas day to open our Santa gifts/stockings, and to enjoy an amazing meal. She has always made Christmas a special time for all of us!”

— Karlie Walter, Accounting Analyst


“My grandma has always been a special person in my life. Every single memory I have of her she is always smiling or laughing. To this day when I just think of her, I smile and start laughing because her laugh is so infectious! My favorite holiday memory of her is when I was 10. My grandpa and grandma took my brother and me to Thermopolis for a holiday trip. The road trip was so amazing! Every time we saw an antelope we had to start singing "Home on the Range,” which was quite a bit. We stopped at a small town to get some lunch. Just as we were finishing up, my grandpa realized that he needed to get into the car. When he got there he realized that he locked the keys in the car, while it was on! Grandpa was frustrated and came back and told my grandma. Grandma started laughing so hard while unloading her purse to find the spare key. The louder she laughed, the angrier my grandpa got which in turn made grandma laugh even harder. At one point she couldn't see because she had so many tears in her eyes! Finally, after about a half-hour of laughing, she found the key! Just one of many memories on a wonderful trip.”

— Austin Stege, Business Registrar


“Grandmothers are certainly important figures and the holiday season highlights their love of family the most. Both of my grandmas were warm, loving people. And the holiday season emphasized that the best. It was always a treat going over to their homes for holiday dinners. All the aunts and uncles and cousins would crowd around the dinner table for a delicious meal. Afterward, we would all hang out, play games, and laugh. My grandma always focused on what was most important during this time of year; love, family, and fun. Those memories will certainly be cherished forever.”

— Ryan Anderson, Principal Compliance Auditor

The 2020 holiday season will be like no other any of us have experienced. Despite that, we encourage you to hold on to the traditions that the important women in your life have imparted to you - even if it means you are honoring those traditions in smaller settings! Continue building on those traditions! Be safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wyoming Women of Note is a series to celebrate Wyoming Women's Suffrage. New highlights will be released each month of this year. Please visit our current featured women here!