Notaries Public


A notary journal is a permanent detailed written record of all notarizations performed by the notary. The notary journal protects the notary from accusations of wrong doing and it helps prevent the notary from engaging in wrong doing. Every journal entry is legally presumed to be truthful. Wyoming statutes do not require keeping a journal but it is wise and highly recommended by the Secretary of State.

The journal must be tamper-proof and permanent as a legal record of notarial activity. The journal must be permanently bound and have pre-numbered pages and entry spaces. The journal must never be shared and/or used by other notaries. A notary public should complete the journal entry immediately before notarization occurs and make an entry for every notary service provided.

The journal should require the recording of the following information in every entry:

  • Date and time of the notarization;
  • Type of notarization performed and type of document notarized;
  • Date of the document;
  • Statement on how the notary verified the signer's identity; and
  • Document signer's address;
  • Document signer's signature;
  • Any special comments about the transaction.

A sample journal page is provided here.