2016 Election

Wyoming's Presidential Electors

  • Constitution Party
  • Matt Freeman, Laramie County
  • Joe Michaels, Platte County
  • Jeff Haggit, Uinta County

  • Democratic Party
  • Chris Rothfuss, Laramie
  • Mary Throne, Cheyenne
  • Jim Byrd, Cheyenne

  • Libertarian Party
  • Dee Cozzens, Cheyenne
  • Kit Carson, Cheyenne
  • Larry Struempf, Laramie

  • Republican Party
  • Bonnie Foster
  • Teresa Richards
  • Karl Allred

  • Jill Stein, Independent Candidate
  • Harmony Kunzler, Cody
  • Matthew Link, Cheyenne
  • Hailey Redden, Green River

  • "Rocky" Roque De La Fuente, Independent Candidate
  • Judith Larsen, Cheyenne
  • Dorothy Latham, Cheyenne, Wheatland
  • Rodney Smith, Cheyenne

Presidential Electors Meeting

Wyoming's presidential electors will meet on December 19th, 2016 at noon to cast their votes for President.

Presidential Elector Statutes

22-19-101. When elected; number.
At a general election for president and vice-president of the United States, electors for president and vice-president of the United States shall be elected equal in number to senators and representatives in congress allotted to the state of Wyoming.

22-19-102. Nomination.

        (a) In a general election year, the state convention of a political party nominating candidates for president and vice-president of the United States shall nominate the party's candidates for presidential electors and file certificates of nomination for these candidates with the secretary of state not later than thirty (30) days following termination of the state convention.

        (b) Independent candidates for president shall file the candidate's nominees for presidential electors not less than seventy (70) days prior to the general election. The nominees shall be qualified electors.

22-19-103. Crediting of votes.
The number of votes received by presidential and vice-presidential candidates is the number of votes credited to their electors.

22-19-104. Certificate of election; directive.
Immediately upon filing of the certificate of the state canvassing board stating the result of the election, the governor shall issue a certificate of election to candidates elected to the office of presidential elector. The certificate shall direct the elector to attend a meeting with the governor in the office of the secretary of state at 12:00 noon on the Monday following the second Wednesday in December of presidential election years.

22-19-105. Vacancy in nomination.
A vacancy in nomination for the office of presidential elector occurring before the general election shall be filled by the state central committee of the political party whose vacancy is to be filled or by an independent candidate's remaining electors, by certifying the name of the person filling the vacancy to the secretary of state.

22-19-106. Certified electors to meet; vacancies.
Certified electors shall convene in the office of the secretary of state at 12:00 noon on the Monday following the second Wednesday in December of presidential election years. A vacancy in the office of elector for any cause including nonattendance shall be filled and certified by a majority of electors present.

22-19-107. College of electors; duties.
When all electors are present and vacancies filled they shall constitute the college of electors of the state of Wyoming and shall perform duties as required by the constitution and laws of the United States.

22-19-108. How electors to vote.
All Wyoming electors shall vote for the candidates for the office of president and vice-president receiving the highest number of votes in the Wyoming general election.

22-19-109. Compensation and mileage.
An elector shall receive fifty dollars ($50.00) compensation and mileage at the present rate for state employees.